Welcome to the Kick Off Association Statistics Institute! The institute is open to all online researchers, who want to dive in a wealth of statistical information on all the Kick Off tournaments played by members of the Kick Off Association.

The latest update November 10th)... in Alkis words

Jargon busters

World Cup Winners

2010: Dagh Nielsen
2009: Gianni Torchio
2008: Gianni Torchio
2007: Spyros Paraschis
2006: Spyros Paraschis
2005: Gianluca Troiano
2004: Gianluca Troiano
2003: Gianluca Troiano
2002: Rikki Fullarton
2001: Alkis Polyrakis

Kick Off 2 CV

KO2 Competition Version. Steve's masterpiece.

Latest Tournament

Oliver St was the winner of Dusseldorf VII, which was held on the 25th May 2014 in Dusseldorf
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