Latest versions

The latest version of (the PDA application) is 1.5.
The latest version of Logi Companion (the PC application) is 1.0.

Download links

The links here for (both for the full package and for main program only) are for ARM devices - which is the vast majority of Pocket PCs available. If you want an app for MIPS or SH3 devices, contact me.

I'd like to remind you that is available for free. If however you do like and find it useful, you may want to send towards my way a small donation of 10 Dollars or whatever you may think that the app is worth. If you do decide to donate, you can use PayPal to do so. A PayPal link can be found at the bottom of the page. - full package
Contains the main application, and the required libraries (.net Compact Framework, SQL Server CE 2.0). - main program only
This contains only the main application cab file. Get it if you already have the required libraries installed.
Logi Companion
Installation archive for Logi Companion - the PC application used to read and backup the expense data. history

v1.5 - Mar 12, 2006:

  • The "Notes" label is now translated when changing the interface language
  • Notes are now exported along with the expense data
  • Exported data labels now appear in the current interface language
  • Report column are now wider

  • v1.4a - Nov 10, 2006:
  • Bug when loading data fixed
  • Visual enhancement in popup calculator

  • v1.4 - Nov 9, 2006:
  • Fixed bug - in v1.3 records could not be edited
  • Decimal values are now handled correctly in the popup calculator

  • v1.3 - Nov 2, 2006:
  • Dropped requirement for OpenNET Compact Framework by using a custom calendar control.
  • Added a popup calendar to speed up data entry.
  • Added a notes field, by user request.
  • Minor fixes.

  • v1.2 - Jul 16, 2006
  • First public version